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hey. i'm new to this community. i was looking and i found this.
my name is sara blouin. i'm 14 years old. nn i live in louisiana.

i lost my father this past january 23rd, 6 days after i turned 14. he died of cancer. august 2002 was when he had found out he had lung cancer. then from then on, it spread to his brain, adrenen glands, and then was basically in his blood stream. he lasted 18 months. now, i knew my dad so i really can't relate to many of you. i've known him my whole life, until now.

yeah, i miss him. that's a def. you know? but anyways, i was just explaining myself to you all before i actually start getting involved so ya'll aren't like, 'who is she?'. lol

this is me..

xo sara
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