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New to community, old to being fatherless.

My name is Amy, I am 14. My father passed away when I was 11...first year of middle school. He had lung I had to watch him die a slow & painful death. His cancer had spread. It had gotten to his brain, causing him to go insane. He would attempt to smoke his cigaretts while doing oxygin. They had him on oxycotin & morphine for the pain. He couldn`t even go to the bathroom himself! Then one night, I went into my parents room, to ask my mum a question, & there he was...dead. It was the first day Hospice decided to visit him, & he dies...& HOSPICE STILL CHARGED US! But happened at night...luckily on a friday. I didnt even tell my best friend that he was sick..I told no one. So..when I didnt go to school that monday, my mother thought she should tell the office why....the office felt they had to tell my teachers teachers thought they had to tell EVERYONE why! So by the time I came back, people I didnt even know knew! I spelled in my mum`s room, in her bed for the first month. I think I even spelt on the side he died on. But yes, that is my sob story...more later.
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