SARA (sara_blouin) wrote in fatherless,

Father's Day

so yeah.. today is Father's Day and trust me, a hard one too.
Today.. I went visit his grave, put some flowers and everything.
I sat there for a good 30 minutes just telling him everything thats been going on.. our hardships, things that have been happening, and the basic things.
I told him it isn't the same around here without him.. AT ALL.
I cried my eyes out.. the whole time. which is normal.
but i just wanted to post because i know that not only myself, but everyone else in this community must miss their father in some way. and if you don't, i didn't mean that phrase in a defensive way.

<333 Sara
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That`s great. We cremated my dad so I can see him everyday and stuff, though I wish he was buried. I think it`s more respectful that way, & then it`s like you are truly visiting them.

Glad you got to talk to him.