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Reunions... are hard

Alright well... my dad will have been deceased 16 years on the 27th of Aug, 3 months after I was born. So right now is kinda hard for me, I might be writing alot more in here for a could of weeks.

Anyways my mom got this letter in the mail about a family reunion for my Dad's side of the family and she just 'forgets' to tell me.... I guess she assumed I was going... so I found it and asked my step-dad and he told me they were going which really surprised me to say the least since... my mom seems not to have anything to do with that part my my family. So I got upset and told him he would have asked me and all cause as usual in the end they're not going to go and im going to have to think up so lame excuse for why they didn't go which is hard for me since I hate lying to them i mean its my only other family besides my parents and half and step siblings (I was my dad's only child... my mom doesn't have any family since her mother died when she was 3 and her father abandoned her so... I use to be so into my dad's side of the family I mean i go and visit ever couple of months just to keep comunication open and all ( though my mother dones' give me rides down there and I have to find a ride every time) I still find a way to visit them and my grandmother in the nursing home (she had an anurism (Spl?) years ago so she's like a child) Anyways yeah I know I am probabaly over-reacting and all but this is MY family and they're not teh best bunch i know; which is probably why my mother doesnt want to go visit also the fact that she doesn't come out of her room mught have soemthing to do with it.

IDK am i wrong to be angry that she didn't say anything to me about getting a letter or even asking if I wanted to go?? This is so hard for me cause I know in the end she's going to screw it up GAR I don't know what to do.

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