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fatherless times four

I definitely belong in this community. My biological father was an alcoholic and a drug abuser with no driver's lisence, nothing to contribute to society, and very little interest in my life. My mother's second husband sexually abused me when I was 3, so she divorced him and after the trial I never saw him again. My mother's third husband was an alcoholic who beat his children and I was quite happy when she divorced him. My mother's fourth husband seemed like a real stand-up guy except when he was molesting me from the ages of 12-17. My mother is still married to him, being in denial about the abuse and all (inconsistent much?), but I no longer have a relationship with him. I severed my ties with my biological father when I was 14 only to later find out that I am the product of non-consensual sex. I don't think I shall ever see him again, either.

Here I am! Without a father. It took me a long time to accept that it's better to have no father at all than an abusive one, and sometimes it still hurts. But life seems to be going increasingly well ever since I nixed the idea of ever having a father. For a long time I wanted my grandpa to give me away at my wedding, but I've decided I don't need anybody to give me away. I'll give myself away, thank you.

Oh, I'm 21 BTW. So this trauma is still fairly recent, but I am doing well. Thanks for listening.
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