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This landed in my email and I felt I should post it here.


Hi, I just wanted to share my daughter's first news page report. This
is helping her heal and she is excited to do something she feels will
help other children. I Support her with my whole heart. I hope we all
can learn through her words. This is what it is all about, the
children and their suffering. So please go easy on her, she is
nervous and wondering if no one will like it. I know she will only
get better and better at her writing she has won regional writing
contest and wrote her first book in the third grade. So my little
lamb I encourage you, I bless you, I release your words......... Here
you go!!!!!!



The Fitzgerald children were abducted from their home in Officers
Housing on Shaw AFB Sumter South Carolina. 17 June 2001 at 9:45 AM
the two children, one nine years at the time and her little brother,
fifteen months old at the time were kidnapped. The children were
located, recovered and returned home months later. Upon the very
moment of their return to South Carolina CPS took them out of their
mother arms at Columbia International Air Port. South Carolina CPS
held them without cause for three months before being forced to
return them back to Major and Mrs Fitzgerald, USAF total time apart
11 months 20 days 9 hours 40 minutes.

In the weeks and months to come we will be publishing a monthly news
letter that will be focusing on the effects that being separated from
your parent(s) has on a young child. This will be an avenue that
Hanna Rose Fitzgerald who is now thirteen will have to express her
pain and that of other hurting children in their own language. She
will be their voice under our supervision. She will bring you
interviews, drawings, poems, art work and messages from other
children who like herself has been traumatized by being separated
from her parents and then double traumatized CPS.


Teen News Reporter

Hi my PEN name is Hanna Rose
I am the new reporter and this is my first report but it won't be the
Kid's do have a voice and here it is.

I am the voice of the hurt children. I shall be OUR voice and I shall
speak for all of us in a voice that know one will forget.

Welcome to the K.V.N.N. !!!
I am glad you are here.

In the near future I am going to tell you true stories about myself,
my family, kids I go to school, kids I know personally and kids who
send me their stories who all have one thing in common

Why? Because someone must hear their cry and LISTEN. Why? Because I
have been in their shoes before. Torn and hurt by grownups who were
NOT my parents. I shall never forget the pain and sadness I endured.
As sad and painful as my story is the only different thing about it
is that I GOT TO GO HOME.

I was on the inside, I personally lived through it. You see I was
stolen form my front yard and taken very far away from my parents for
a long time. Then CPS took me and my little brother from the people
who stole us and kept then THEY kept us from our parents. At one
point I was placed with many girls in a girls home and got to know
their stories first hand. You want to know the one thing we all had
in common in there? NONE of us had been abused. Although many adults
said we were, and they accused our parents of very bad things to us
that were not true.

The other thing is that US Kid's DESERVE better than FOSTER CARE. I
mean no disrespect to those who are foster parents. But ask yourself,
why are you doing it? To help kids? To give them a home? Well, you
are not helping them, you are only making things worse. You are not
giving them a home, they already have one. You are only making it
easier for CPS to keep kids from it. Maybe if no one would be foster
parents then CPS would have to LEAVE US KID's HOME.

Now that I am home the stories of all the other kids are still with
me everyday of my life. Someone, everyone must know that innocent
children are locked away from their parents and brothers and sisters
for no reason. They did not do anything wrong, and their parents
loved all of them, I saw it with my own eyes I heard it with my own
ears, I experienced it in my own life and it broke my heart and my
family's heart too.

Thank You for reading. I will be publishing more pages very soon so
please keep checking back.

By: Hanna Rose Fitzgerald
if you would like me to publish your story, interview you or if you
would like me to post a message here to your family please contact me
at: kvnn@thefitzhouse.com

Copyright 2004 Leah M. Fitzgerald

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