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Hi my name is Horatio and I'm from New Jersey. I'm 15 and fatherless.

My dad was never really in my life which made things hard on me because I needed a father figure in my life. But even though he wasn't there for me, it made me strong. As a kid I wasn't very normal but now that I'm older I grew into things like my looks and personality. My dad was never there to see it but it's ok I'm perfectly fine with the family that did. I became a man and he wasn't there. Doesn't he regret not being there? Well its to late to now...
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hey, im glad u were able to grow up w/ out a dad and be comfortable w/ who you are! i guess u dont kno if he regrets it or not, but its great that ur able to be so strong!
I can't tell you how disturbing, yet relieving it is to know I'm not the only one to feel that way. I have struggled long and hard to put the pieces together. My mother has had husbands, but I have never had a father. I can't say I had much of a mother either. You give me hope, and things to think about. Thank you. Namida