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hi im new

my name is jenny,im 15, and i found this journal looking around and thought talking / getting support could help me maybe..

my dad died augest 30th 2002 about 3 days before i started highschool. its been almost 2 years in augest since he died, and im still in shock, ive been to therpy, and that hasnt worked, ive done drugs, gotten arrested twice, got a eating disorder, and have depression.

im sure none of you wanna hear me talk about how he died and stuff, but if anyone wants to give me some advice about why i cant get move on, or come to the relization that hes actually gone,maybe it would help me!!! i dont know if this is a normal way for someone to act if there dad died, and im just confused and lonely.

thanks ;)

and im sorry to everyone in this communtiy who lost a dad, i know how it feels, and if anyone wants to talk to me please add me!
Their reply was
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